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Professor of medical history and ethics at Acibadem University School of Medicine (Istanbul Turkey). She has studied humanities, political science, history of medicine and ethics. The subjects of her MA, MSc and PhD on the history of modernization in science and medicine (1986-1999). She became Associate Professor in 2005 and has been Full Professor since 2013.

She chaired and contributed to the studies and works of the Turkish Bioethics Association (2006-2012); coordinated in the Training Programme of Health Law Certificate for Acibadem Univ. Continued Education (ASEGEM) (2010- 2014) in collaborative spirit. She served as the vice-chair of the University Research Ethics Committee (2009-2014), member of Hospital Ethics Committee (2009-present), Animal Experiments Ethics Committee (2012-present). She is at the editorial board of Acibadem Univ. Journal of Health Sciences. She was invited to establish the Turkey Working Group of the Cambridge Consortium of Bioethics Education (2013) in collaboration with multidisciplinary team. Dr. Ulman is an internationally certified trainer of Moral Case Deliberation, an innovative and dialogical approach to teaching ethics and ethics consultation developed by the Amsterdam UMC Medical Humanities. She has contributed to Horizon VIRT2UE Research Integrity Project as a stakeholder and co-trainer. She has initiated Acibadem University Bioethics Master of Science Programme, and the acting director of the Acibadem University Institute of Social Sciences. She serves as referee for EU Cost Projects and reporter to the Council of Europe Bioethics Committee (DH-BIO). She is the delegate of Turkey at the International Society for the History of Medicine.

The main interests of her studies are the history of modernization in medicine; teaching ethics and medical humanities; main issues of bioethics; ethical aspects of emerging technologies, research and publication ethics, animal experiments; gender issues, health law. She has collaborated numerous international and local research projects on vulnerable groups, gender-based violence; main issues of bioethics, emerging technologies and teaching bioethics. Her latest research projects are on the ethical aspects of Artificial Intelligence in medicine and healthcare and End of Life Decision making and Living Wills.

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