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Institutional Information: School Of Medicine, Departmant Of Surgecal Sciences, General Surgery
Research Areas: Health Sciences

Names in Publications: Ceyhanid Gueralp O., Ceyhan Gueralp, Ceyhan Gueralp Onur, Ceyhan Onur Gueralp, Ceyhan Guralp Onur, Ceyhan Gueralp O., Ceyhan Guerlap, Ceyhan G. O., Ceyhan G., Ceyhan Guealp O., Ceyhan Guralp O., Ceyhan GO




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Prof. Dr Güralp Onur CEYHAN was born in 1974, within the capital city of Turkey, Ankara. Despite his preliminary years of education has started in Ankara, he had to continue his education in abroad since his family immigrated into Munich, Germany. Prof. Dr Güralp Onur CEYHAN graduated from Medicine School WWU Münster in 2002 and completed his MD thesis study “Administration of magnesium reduces the severity of cerulein induced acute pancreatitis and premature activation of proteases in isolated acini cells” in 2003, under the supervision of Prof. Dr Markus Lertch in Department of Gastroenterology, University of Münster. Following success in Münster, he has maintained his studies in European Pancreatic Centre in the department of Pancreatic Molecular Biology and Surgery in the University of Heidelberg with the aid of Prof. Dr Helmut Friess. Between 2007-2018, he was appointed as the principal investigator of the “Pancreatic Neuropath and Pain” division in Pancreatic Research Center at the department of surgery in Klinikum Rechts der Isar, Technische Universität München, Germany. Prof. Dr Güralp Onur Ceyhan’s principal aim was to decipher mainframe correlation of pancreatic neuropathy and neuropathic pain as a scientist but he was also a successful operating surgeon in pancreatic surgery. In the course of his studies as a scientist and surgeon, he has achieved to publish more than 150 articles with a total 703 impact factor, 4992 citation and 42 H-index. In addition to that achievement, he also managed to finalize at least 10 European projects which supported funds of 1.4 million euros. Also he has two TUBITAK and a TUSEB project with a total budget 4.5 milion TL recently in Turkey. In 2010, he was proudly selected as one of the members of the “Academy of Excellence (Exzellenzakademie)” in academic general surgery in Germany. In 2019, he has returned his country to join Acıbadem Group as a surgeon and in the meantime, he also managed to be the founder and head of Pancreatic Cancer Research Center located within Acıbadem University. Thanks to Prof. Dr Güralp Onur CEYHAN’s vision and knowledge, his group has initiated several projects to reveal aetiology of pancreatic cancer and to decipher its molecular and genetic mechanisms.