Bioethics Studies / Biyoetik Arastirmalari

Işil Ülman F. Y. (Editor) , Genç S. V. (Editor)

Turkish Bioethics Association, İstanbul, 2012

  • Publication Type: Book / Other Book
  • Publication Date: 2012
  • Publisher: Turkish Bioethics Association
  • City: İstanbul



Dear Colleagues,

We are delighted to present you a collection of bioethics studies submitted at the recent meetings of the Turkish Bioethics Association which has focused on the analysis of the value problems concerning the living over the world, since its foundation in 1994 as a unique and original institution in Turkey.

While preparing this book we aimed to adhere the academic approach elaborating the scientific method based on the universal principles standing on the rational argumentation and scientific sources for decision making on the ethical dilemmas and value problems.

The book mainly consists of four chapters. The first chapter is composed of the articles developed from the keynote speeches at the EACME 2011 Istanbul Conference held in collaboration with the Turkish Bioethics Association. The articles enhanced from the papers submitted at the VI. Congress of Medical Ethics (November 2010) constitute the second chapter. Third chapter comprises the studies presented at the VII. Symposium of the Association held in Istanbul in 2009. The last chapter is devoted to the Statements of the Turkish Bioethics Association, as an indispensable function of the Society, to make its official view public on the major ethical issues in the society, with regard to scientific and academic responsibility and sensitivity.

The main philosophy of the Board of the Turkish Bioethics Association is to function by appreciating individual labour and creativity while respecting the collective work as proven by its activities. By means of our local and international meetings, we aimed to get the bioethicists around the world together in order to create an international academic platform for a multidisciplinary and cross-cultural interaction, and to explore the ways of collaborating and acting together led by the core values of bioethics, dignity, integrity and solidarity in a pluralistic and universalistic approach* . We immensely thank all the authors, TBA members, people and institutions for their collaboration with the Turkish Bioethics Association. We sincerely hope that this source which has been achieved through an earnest endevour and teamwork, may contribute to the academic and scientific literature.

The Board of the Turkish Bioethics Association (2009-2012) Istanbul, September 2012

* Source: European Association of Centres of Medical Ethics, EACME 25th Annual Conference Book of Abstracts,“Foreword”, published by the Turkish Bioethics Association, Istanbul 2011, p.5.