Technological Advancements in Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging

Guner A. L., Ünal K., Vardareli E.

European Archives of Medical Research, vol.34, no.1, pp.25-29, 2018 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


As in most other specialties, technological advancements had their share in nuclear medicine. New synthesis equipment lets departments locally synthesize new radiopharmaceuticals (rfs), to diagnose new pathologies, and treat new conditions. More specific, more sensitive and newer rfs pave the way to diagnosing newer pathologies. On the other hand, new hardware and software increased the image acquisition time and the resolution of images. Once only a scientific interest for few centers, artificial intelligence is now more widespread, more commercialized, from working on improving image quality to diagnosing diseases as well as-and even better than-expert physicians.