Boomerang-shaped Chondroperichondrial Graft& Overview to Tympanoplasty

Dundar R. (Editor)

LAP LAMBERT Academiz Publishing, Berlin, 2015

  • Publication Type: Book / Vocational Book
  • Publication Date: 2015
  • Publisher: LAP LAMBERT Academiz Publishing
  • City: Berlin


Chronic otitis media (COM) is a common disease that can have serious complications related to incorrect and inadequate treatment. Tympanoplasty is a surgical procedure performed for eradication of infection and rehabilitation of hearing in patients with COM. The main purpose of tympanoplasty is to repair the perforated tympanic membrane (TM) and rehabilitate the patient’s hearing.Many factors play a role in the outcome of surgical treatment, including the disease level, age of the patient, surgeon’s experience, institution in which the procedure is carried out, and technique of operation. Several tympanoplasty techniques have been described. Mostly temporal muscle fascia and tragal and conchal cartilage have been used for tympanic membrane reconstruction in these techniques but lately chondroperichondrial graft usage was spread.In this present book we aimed to introduce our chondro-perichondrial graft “Boomerang-shaped Chondroperichondrial graft”,assess the success of this technique, graft survival and postoperative auditory function and evaluate the anatomical and functional results while reviewing general tympanoplasty procedures