Bioethics in a Changing World / Degisen Dunyada Biyoetik

Işil Ülman F. Y. (Editor), Artvinli F. (Editor)

Turkish Bioethics Association, İstanbul, 2012

  • Publication Type: Book / Other Book
  • Publication Date: 2012
  • Publisher: Turkish Bioethics Association
  • City: İstanbul
  • Acibadem Mehmet Ali Aydinlar University Affiliated: Yes



Dear readers, researchers, Dear members of the Turkish Bioethics Association, Bioethicsts are fortunate. Because the core of the dilemmas they endeavour to

resolve, lie deep in the cases and facts in conflict they experience and contemplate in their own daily lives. Life itself endows them a unique laboratory to tackle with, in this sense. The issues of bioethics inherent in life are so familiar, so humane, pertaining to their own experiences. The life is in front of them as a superior mentor, to learn from it, is dependent to their own cognitive talents, their perception and their aims to work indepth through their own limited lifespan.

Bioethicists are lucky. Because they are not utterly alone while trying to work out the conflicts and dilemmas, and to answer the question “What is the right thing to do?” They belong to a branch which is wide open to collaborate and to benefit from the scientific thinking, methodology and decision-making for scientific production of other branches. They may enjoy the rich interdisciplinarity of their branch by nourishing through various professional origins and formations as long as they are able to carry on a rational and humane way of communication. Bioethicists are hopeful. Because they know well enough that they are unable to

solve miraculously in a strech the inequalities, injustice, discriminations, violations they observe and face with in the society, although they are irrecoverably touched and affected by them. But they are able to go down to the field and design objective, scientific studies and be a part of the multidisciplinary researches by feeling the synergy of working, learning and producing together in a changing world.

This book is the product of such a process in which bioethicists managed to bring forward discussion the fieldworks they carried out in interaction with the other

disciplines. The VII. Congress of the Turkish Bioethics Association held in Istanbul, October 12-13, 2012, provided with a scientific platform to bring about the issues of the link between the human rights and bioethics, fundamental rights, academic independence, participatory democracy, violence against healthcare professionals, against women; honour killings; health policies, health reforms world wide, transformation of healthcare provision in Turkey; medical education; new scientific technologies; environmental ethics, value problems concerning animals and nature. Bioethicists, philosophers, jurists, public health and forensic medicine specialists, sociologists, medical educators, physicians, healthcare professionals, researchers worked together in vivid, lively, informative, presentations and intense discussions for two days long. In the light of these fertilizing discussions, they evolved their papers into articles and sent us back to make them permanent in a book: Bioethics in a Changing World. Thus the Turkish Bioethics Association achieved to put forward a scientific publication for everyone who is interested in the phases and process of ethical decision-making and delibeation of issues pertaining to life cycle from the beginning up to the end.