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Professor Sahin Senay is a cardiovascular surgeon in Istanbul. He is currently employed in Acibadem University, School of Medicine, Department of Cardiovascular Surgery as a lecturer and Works in affiliated Acibadem Maslak Hospital, Department of Cardiovascular Surgery as a physician since 2010.

He graduated from Ege University Medical School, and finished his cardiovascular surgery residency in Siyami Ersek Research and Training Center in Istanbul. He was trained in generality of adult cardiac surgery with a particular interest in transcatheter cardiovascular therapies and robotic surgery. Regarding to these specific topics he completed specific training programs and worked as a fellow in Leipzig Heart Center, Mayo Clinic and University Hospital of Zurich in selected time periods.

Currently he performs adult cardiovascular operations, transcatheter valve interventions (TAVI, TMVI), endovascular aortic and periferic interventions (EVAR, TEVAR, peripheral artery stenting). The transcatheter cardiovascular therapies program is running since 2010 in the current Acıbadem Maslak hospital with his participation. He also continues to academic performings regarding to the mentioned topics.

He is a member of most distinguished societies in cardiovascular surgery (European Association of cardiothoracic Surgery-EACTS, International Society of Minimally Invasive Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery-ISMICS). He is currently the World Director of ISMICS. He is in the Editorial Board of ‘Innovations’; main journal of this society, and also he is the current Editor in Chief of the ‘Turkish Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery’; the official main journal of the Turkish Society of Cardiovascular Surgery.

He is board certified in both Turkey (TBCVS) and Europe (EBCTS) in Cardiovascular Surgery. He has a wide range of publications and academic activities as well as academic awards in his medical profession.  

His primary aim is to focus on ‘patient centered care’ for the treatment of his patients and to offer each of his patient the best modality of treatment in means of durability and safety. Thus the patient contentment is always a priority for him.   

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