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Johanna Sanchez holds a BA in English from the University of Tolima (Colombia). She completed her studies in 2012 with a double diploma resulting from an agreement between her home country University and the University of SIAULIAI (Lithuania). She was granted a scholarship to spend a semester in Siauliai Lithuania to further studies on Language teaching, practicum placement, Methodology in Language teaching (a comparison in teaching approaches in both countries). Her experience in Lithuania brought her desire to continue investing in the area of Language teaching and Psychology. She started her Master’s degree with the University of South Wales (UK) in August 2018. Studies will be completed by December 2020. Johanna has worked in several governmental and private institutions with Children and young adults while in the university pursuing her BA, adding to her experience as a teacher to a number of 3 years before graduation. From 2011 when she moved to Turkey in search of more experience in her field, Johanna has worked for an International Language Center (BERLITZ) as and ESP, ESL teacher (Business, finances, general language skills, and on.). She has also worked for two Universities in Turkey. She worked as an English Instructor for the preparatory school program at Yildiz Technical University from 2013 to 2015. Later the same year, she started working for Istanbul Şehir University for 4 years as an English Instructor and Main teacher. Johanna holds other studies and certificates in Language teaching such as Teacher trainer, ICELT (ITI Istanbul - Cambridge University), How to write tests for Teenagers, How to assess in a Post-Pandemic World (Oxford Professional Development 2020). Other ​Seminars and Publications include ELT seminar (presenter – expositor) – Lithuania 2010, Methodological seminar for doctoral studies, Lithuania – 2010, 5th PROFILE symposium Colombia- 2011, 1st International YTU ELT Conference – 2014, and a publication in Profile Magazine for Teachers and Researchers in 2013. Lastly, she has been working at Acibadem University since February 2020. 

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